Sunday, June 11: Reading & art talk

Join me on Sunday, June 11 at Phoenix Rising Printmaking Cooperative in downtown Columbus for a reading of my Flying Adventures book and accompanying art talk (which now has a proper title!): Creative Persistence: Lessons From a Long-term Project.  Details below.  Phoenix's address is 243 N 5th St, Suite 140, Columbus, Ohio 43215.  Hope to see you!  

If you're planning on coming, kindly rsvp to

News: Grant Awards | Upcoming Reading

Saturday, May 6 - Flying Adventures Reading at the International Women's Air & Space Museum

As part of the International Women's Air & Space Museum's Family Day celebration, they'll be rolling out the red carpet for a Flying Adventures reading from 10:30-11am.  The community event, themed "Soaring into the Future," begins at 10am and continues until 2pm, with exhibits, activities, and entertainment.  Admission is FREE. If the weather's nice, John & I will be flying up in the Starfighter so that folks can climb all over it :-)

On the wing at Mad River airfield in Ohio

On the wing at Mad River airfield in Ohio

 The IWASM is located at Burke Lakefront Airport in Cleveland.  I only just discovered the museum last year... read my blog post about it if you'd like to know more.



Announcing two Awards from the GCAC!

"Congratulations!" letters

I am honored once again to be the recipient of two Greater Columbus Arts Council Artist in the Community grants. The first is a supply grant which will help me purchase frames for the Flying Adventures exhibit. The second is a generous professional development grant which will fund a private bookbinding workshop with Jace Graf of Cloverleaf Studios in Austin, Texas. I look forward to honing my skills!

... and, well, eating lunches around the corner at Il Chilito. Gosh that place is sooo good!

I've been to Cloverleaf a couple times already, one to help finish & send off a group portfolio project to which I'd been a contributor, and another to participate in an intro-to-basic-bookbinding class.  I definitely needed something more involved, and when I asked Jace if he'd take me on as a private student for a weekend, I was so happy he said yes.  I am thinking of using an exposed-tape binding for my new edition of Flying Adventures. No glue means my images won't peel off the inkjet coating in between signatures.  Plus I could really have fun with color combinations for the covers and thread. The photo below is one of Jace's examples of that binding style.

Exposed-tape binding

I can’t thank the GCAC enough for their continued support of this project and all that they do to support the arts in our city!

Photo-an-hour: birthday!

Ummm, when was the last time I did a photo-an-hour post? August I think. Yikes, time flies! I thought it might be fun to keep track of my birthday hours this year, so here goes...

Okay it's aaaalmost my birthday...

Alarm clock

10am - Slept in and then spent the morning in bed with books and friends.

Reading a book

11am - Still lounging. 

Tiger cat

12pm - Drove up to Worthington to my favorite sewing shop, Sew to Speak.  They were celebrating their 9th birthday!   (Those balloon letters say "sew" but it was windy, so you can't really tell.)

1pm - Still looking at fabrics.  I already bought a couple yards of the second one from the left (the blue/red/white floral).  It's my plan to make a little 60's a-line dress out of it.  I was tempted to get some of the one just to the right of it -- there are unicorns on there! -- but I tried to remember the giant pile of fabric sitting on my sewing table and just took a photo instead :-/  

Cotton & Steel fabrics

2pm - Came home to find a surprise birthday card from my friend Louise!  Thanks, Louise!!

Birthday card

3pm - While I managed to get out of Sew to Speak without purchasing ANY new fabric (whew!), being there inspired me to do some more work on fitting the muslin for the dress I'm working on.  

Sewing my muslin

4pm - Watering my tomato seedlings with my Mom's old water sprinkle bottle she used to use for ironing.  I love that my brother and I have all these old things from my Mom and Dad that we now use in our own houses.  

Orange cat with tomato seedlings

5pm - Drove to Springfield to hang out with friends for the evening and I was hoooooping the taco truck would be open so that I could have my favorite potato-cheese quesadilla.

Taco truck

Yes it was!!!

Taco truck

6pm - My friends, Vicki & Tom & their daughter, Dina, just got home from a trip to Morocco and came back with a new pastime: drinking very sweet peppermint tea made and served in the beautiful tea set they bought over there.  

Moroccan tea set
Moroccan tea cups

7pm - Off to the dance party!  Dina's dance studio was having a fundraiser and, well, you know me and dancing.  Particularly at low-key, non-night-club establishments.

Dance party sign

8pm - I put all my raffle tickets in #8 (my birthday is on the 8th) but still didn't win the wine and truffle basket even after they pulled five names out of the bag!!  I am convinced it's because I'll need that luck for something better soon.

Raffle tickets

9pm - Prince was our chaperone.  Gotta love that.


10pm - Finally called it a night after three hours of dancing.  I loved every minute.  I think I was the only person there who could sing all the words to "Ice Ice Baby." (Although I probably shouldn't admit that.)

Dance cookies

Afterwards, we walked over to Mother Stewart's, Springfield's new brewery & night spot.  They were having some big event with a lot of different bands making music and artists showing work.  They've got a bocce court!

Dina & Vicki

I bought this cup from one of the artists as a little birthday-present-to-me.  It's kind of teacup-sized, only without a handle.  I love it!  

Ceramic cup

Oh yeah, and I almost forgot to show you my birthday present slippers that Vicki & Tom got in Morocco... they're me, don't you think?

Purple Moroccan slippers

I loved my birthday!  John was traveling and with all the snafus Delta was having with the weather that day, I couldn't get out of Columbus to see him. But the day turned out to be so much fun...  reading, sewing, lolling around, dancing, friends!  I actually forgot I was a year older ;-)

Life Lately... Where did February go?

What’s been going on? Is it really spring already? I have to say that, aside from not having any snow, I loved February and I'm still thinkin' about it. Good things happened! 

Claudia with her camera

I got out with my camera.  A little bit.  This is still a struggle as it’s just so easy to shoot with my phone all the time.  I have to make a conscious effort to bring the “real” camera along when I go somewhere.  I’m wondering if it’s that I don’t like lugging around extra stuff (I don’t even really carry a purse.)  That said, my little Fuji XT1 is the size of my old 35mm which I used to take with me everywhere, so it's not like it's heavy or takes up tons of space.  I keep pondering these things as I go out for my walks.

Purple twilight
Griggs Reservoir at sunset

I’ve been making an effort to get outside even when it’s cold, and it’s nice to have Griggs Reservoir right across the street. I love the moods of the water. One of my favorite images is of the ice forming again after one of the thaws we had.  I swear I could almost see it freezing right in front of me.

Ice patterns, frozen rive

My big February happiness by a longshot was singing jazz at the St. Francis pasta dinner.  Yes I bought an Elvis mic!  Yes I took a bunch of selfies with it.  

Claudia with pillbox had and Elvis mic

Yes I wore my pillbox hat and false eyelashes for the show.  (Thanks, Ardell!)

False eyelashes
Vintage dress and shawl

It went so well!  I was so nervous that I’d forget the words at some point but I didn’t. I loved working with Tony Hagood on piano, and the accordion really sounded so perfect with "Moon River" and "La Vie en Rose."  Thank you, John Marazita!

John Marazita, accordion

I suppose I have to think about what’s next with all of this. An open mic somewhere?  Not sure.  But I am proud of myself for preparing.  A year ago I just had a dream, but now I have some songs to make it happen. It was on the bucket list to sing "La Vie en Rose" in French, and I did it.


News at home?  I ran for a seat on our condo board and got elected!  You’re lookin’ at The Landings’ new Vice President.  I love where we live.  This is the name tag I made and wore to the pre-election meet-and-greet.

Owl nametag

Last month I finished the photographs and writing I needed to do to make a new webpage for Flying Adventures.  This was no small thing and had been on my to-do list forever.  I had to figure out how I wanted to print and frame book pages and do some serious thinking about where I want to bring the project and what would make a venue want to host it.  There’s information about the whole project now, including how I can tie a reading & exhibition into educational programming and community outreach.  I am proud of myself for continuing on with this despite how loooong it feels like it's taking.

Sewing. I don’t get very far when Sherman decides to help. Right now I’m working with jersey fabric for the first time, trying to sew some long-sleeve tops.  Success mostly.  But as I try to make one that fits perfectly so that I can archive my pattern changes, I get all frustrated figuring out how to make those changes. I told a friend I threw my sewing machine into the dumpster and gave away my fabric stash because that's what I imagined myself doing. Sigh. I am learning valuable lessons about patience, practice, and how to work smarter: step AWAY from the sewing machine if it’s starting to drive me crazy. (Duh, right? But I’m so stubbornly persistent.) Coming back to it the next day after a break makes all the difference.

Cat on sewing table

Been reading.  It still goes in fits and starts though.  Sometimes I devour pages, and other days it’s more like an afterthought before I go to bed. In my stack right now:  The Colette Guide to Sewing With Knits, Grow Great Grub, Easy Growing (both by Gayla Trail, my favorite gardening author), A Beautiful Mess (fun one about daily-life photography), and On Green Dolphin Street, which I just started.  I just finished House of Sand and Fog, which I borrowed from my brother.  What a story.  You know it’s heading for disaster but you keep hoping something good will happen instead… ooof!  


Oh yeah, with all that warm (barefoot in February!!??) weather, I couldn’t help but catch the gardening bug, especially when the seed catalogs showed up in my mail slot. Does anyone remember the Scholastic books catalog in grade school?  When that thing showed up I pored over those pages, folding over corners and circling books in different color pens based on order of preference.  The seed catalogs remind me of that.  I am probably going to over-order.  I can’t help it.  But at a couple bucks a packet, it beats having a more expensive addiction, right?

Gardening catalogs

Sooo… cheers to longer days and spring!!  How have you been?